Steel Conveyor Rollers

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Our steel conveyor rollers and idlers are of a high quality, with a various range of sealing systems, that are adapted to individual requirements. We supply steel rollers and idlers in all sizes and dimensions.

Tube diameter:        Shafts diameter: 
ø38 – ø219                  ø10 – ø50

Our steel rollers and idlers are used in all industries within the range of light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty. Our in-house type ‘SEV‘ grants a high- quality standard combined with a flexible adaptation to your individual requirements. Our construction kit system allows us to customize our rollers to meet your needs. As a standard feature, we protect these conveyor rollers against corrosion by means of a two-component polyurethane coating in RAL 3003. Other RAL color shades and powder coatings are available on request, too.

Customized special executions are nothing out of the ordinary for us – if you need short tube bodies or alternative shaft ends, please do not hesitate to contact us!