Scandi Roll offers a wide range of accessories for your conveyor. 

Including the following:

  • Adapters
  • Rubber
  • All sorts of lagging including rubber, ceramic, tiles
  • Rubber rings
  • Belt scrapers

Rubber rings

We keep supporting rings, end rings, buffer ring, supporting disks, supporting ring packages, and distance sleeves of many different dimensions in stock or are able to deliver them on at short notice.

Types and ring forms:

  • Supporting ring of form A
  • Supporting ring of form B (end ring)
  • Supporting ring package
  • Buffer ring (cushion ring)
  • Supporting disks
  • Swashplate (spiral ring)
  • Distance sleeve

Adapter caps

Adapter caps are also called slip-on caps or adapter pieces.

The adapter caps are made of metal or plastics and are used to enlarge the width across flats (wrench size) to a higher dimension. In most cases, they serve for the adaptation of conveyor rollers of newer standards to existing old conveyor systems.


We offer you different types of laggings for belt pulleys with various thicknesses made by Micke, Conti, Wagu, and others:

  • With rhombic pattern
  • With the pattern of maxi-rhombus
  • Smooth
  • Studded
  • Ceramics
  • Hose-type laggings

Please contact us by E-mail or call on phone +45 70 70 29 33 for a non-binding discussion about the task.