Scandi Roll NORM steel conveyor rollers with a quality sealing arrangement. For applications within the BULK handling industry.

Below mentioned types are kept in stock in our warehouse, but can also be produced directly from our factories in other variants.

Standard color: RAL3003 powder painted or two-component polyurethane coating. 

Our in-house type ‘SEV‘ grants a high-quality standard combined with a flexible adaptation to your individual requirements. Our construction kit system allows us to customize our rollers to meet your needs. As a standard feature, we protect these conveyor rollers against corrosion by means of a two-component polyurethane coating in RAL 3003.

Other RAL color shades and powder coatings are available on request, too.

Customized special executions are nothing out of the ordinary for us – if you need short tube bodies or alternative axle ends, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Please contact us by E-mail or call on phone +45 70 70 29 33 for a non-binding discussion about the task.


Art. Nr. Description
Roll diaeter/thickness x RL x EL x AL
Shaft/ø NV
HBJ2034 Ø63,5/3,0x600x608x632 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2035 Ø63,5/3,0x750x758x782 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2036 Ø63,5/3,0x950x958x982 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2037 Ø63,5/3,0x1150x1158x1182 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2041 Ø76/3,0x190x208x226 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2042 Ø76/3,0x240x258x276 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2043 Ø76/3,0x305x323x341 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2013 Ø89/3,5x190x208x226 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2011 Ø89/3,5x240x258x276 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2012 Ø89/3,5x305x323x341 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2015 Ø89/3,5x370x388x406 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2016 Ø89/3,5x455x473x491 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2014 Ø89/3,5x600x608x632 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2006 Ø89/3,5x750x758x782 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2007 Ø89/3,5x950x958x982 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2008 Ø89/3,5x1150x1158x1182 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2044 Ø108/3,5x150x168x186 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2020 Ø108/3,5x190x208x226 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2021 Ø108/3,5x240x258x276 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2022 Ø108/3,5x305x323x341 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2023 Ø108/3,5x370x388x406 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2024 Ø108/3,5x455x473x491 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2025 Ø108/3,5x590x608x632 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2026 Ø108/3,5x750x758x782 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2027 Ø108/3,5x950x958x982 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2028 Ø108/3,5x1150x1158x1182 ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2029 Ø133/4,0x240x258x276 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2030 Ø133/4,0x305x323x341 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2031 Ø133/4,0x370x388x406 ø20 ’14/9
HBJ2032 Ø133/4,0x455x473x491 ø20 ’14/9
Lower rollers:
HBJ2038 Ø63,5/108x750x758x782, 2×3 flat + 5 disc rings ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2039 Ø63,5/108x950x958x982, 2×3 flat + 6 disc rings ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2040 Ø63,5/108x1150x1158x1182, 2×3 flat + 7 disc rings ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2017 Ø89/133x750x758x782, 2×3 flat + 5 disc rings ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2018 Ø89/133x950x958x982, 2×3 flat +6 disc rings ø20 ’14/12
HBJ2019 Ø89/133x1150x1158x1182, 2×3 flat + 7 disc rings ø20 ’14/12