Scandi Roll offers all types of return rollers, as a standard steel conveyor roller, with lagging of assembled with rubber rings. Rubber rings can be mounted with or without spacers and locking rings, depending on customer requirement and depending on the application.

We offer standard rubber rings in the following diameters:

  • Ø89
  • Ø108
  • Ø120
  • Ø133
  • Ø150
  • Ø180
  • Ø193
  • Ø200
  • Ø210
  • Ø245
  • Ø275

These rollers are mostly provided with supporting rings and are used for the returning part of the belt in conveyor belt systems.

The attached rings facilitate the removal of material to be conveyed adhering to the belt. In addition, they prevent wear of the rollers and thus increase the service life of the rollers correspondingly.

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