WRAP conveyor is hermetically sealed and can be installed with cureves and incline/decline in the same conveyor.

Advantages by using WRAP conveyor:

  • Complete Stainless Steel construction incl. FDA/USDA PVC belt
  • Protects the conveyed material against contanimation
  • The belt is wrapped on the return side – no products waste
  • Keeps materials temeperature both warm/cold
  • Saving space – Appr. 50% of an open through conveyor width
  • Turning, inclining within the same conveyor, without offloading to another conveyor
  • Designed for outdoor as well as indoor applications

Raw materials such as:

  • Salt, Sugar, Candy, Spices
  • Flour, Grain, Corn, Wheat, Dough
  • Rice, Coffee, Beans, Soya, Nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Meat, residual products from food production
  • Fish, Mussels, food for fish farms
  • Food for animals
  • ALL types of powder and granulated materials 

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