1. Validity

The sales- and delivery terms apply to all offers, sales and supplies, unless else is agreed in writing.

2. Offers

Unless else is agreed in writing are offers valid for 4 weeks

3. Price

Unless else is stated in the offer are all offers in Danish Kroner and Excl. VAT. They buyer is
obliged to accept changes in the price due to changes in currency exchange rates, duties, taxes,
freight costs etc.. in relation to the confirmed delivery

4. Payment

4.1. Payment must be available to our account at the latest on the date listed on the invoice as date
of payment. If no date or payment terms are listed, payment must be cash on delivery
4.2. If delivery is postponed due to the buyer, he is – unless seller in writing confirms anything else
– obliged to process all payments to the seller, as if the delivery was made on time
4.3. If payment is done after the date of payment, the seller is entitled to invoice 2% interests per
started month, of any balance open from the day op scheduled payment
4.4. The buyer is not allowed to deduct any claims against the seller in open balances, which are not
reckognized by the seller in writing, and the buyer is also not entitled to hold any scheduled
payments back, due to any type of claims

5. Right of property

5.1. The seller maintain the right of property of the delivered items, untill the entire amount,
including any additional costs that may been added, has been paid by the seller or to any third party
that the seller has given the ownership of the pending balance
5.2. If the goods has been sold in order to be build into or to be connected to other parts, the sellers
right of property is maintained, even if the installation has been completed
5.3. By changing or doing any work on the supplied part, the sellers right of property is changed
into including the reworked part

6. Delivery

6.1. Delivery is done from the address of the seller, or direct from the factory, regardless of the
seller transports the goods on his own or by the use of third party according to agreement with the
6.2. The date of delivery is determined by the seller after his best ability and according to the known
facts as the order is confirmed. Unless else is agreed in writing, any delay of the delivery by up to
14 days due to the seller, is in any regard considered to be within “right time of delivery”, meaning
that the buyer cannot raise any claims towards the seller
6.3. Both parties are entitled to cancel the agreement, if the delivery is delayed more than 3 months
6.4. The seller must in any case without hesitation inform the buyer about any delays, as soon as it
comes to his attention

7. Packing and freight

7.1. Packing and freight is paid by the buyer, unless it is clearly expressed in writing by the seller,
that it is included in the price
7.2. Packing is only returned for crediting after separate agreement

8. Product information

Drawings, specifications etc. That are supplied by the seller before o rafter making the agreement,
remain the property of the seller, and cannot be used for anything else than intented or given to any
third party without prior written consent from the seller

9. Changes in products

The seller is entitled – without any notice – to change the agreed product specifications, if thi scan
be done without any significant negative consequences for the buyer.

10. Errors and claims

10.1. Upon supply the buyer must immidiately perform an investigation of the sold items, as proper
terms of business demands.
10.2. If the buyer wishes to raise a claim, he must inform the seller in writing, immidiately after the
error has been discovered or should have been. This written information must include details about
the error. If the buyer fail to discover the error or fail to raise the claim immediately, his right to
raise a claim later falls out.
10.3. The seller will decide whether the sold items will be repaired or a new delivery will take
10.4. In case the seller do not repair or replace within reasonable time, the buyer is, due to these
sales terms entitled to cancel the agreement or demand a deduction in the payment, according to
point 11.3.
10.5. If the buyer did not raise any claims of the delivered items within 6 months he cannot raise the
claim later on. This includes parts and repaired parts as well.
10.6. Any changes, misuse or interferences with the product performed by the buyer, without prior
written consent from the seller, releases the seller from any liabilities.

11. Liability limitation

11.1. Any claim towards the seller cannot exceed the invoiced amount of the item excl. Freight and
11.2. A claim can only be raised towards the seller by the buyer or whomever the seller has made
the contract with.
11.3. The seller is not liable for losses due to lost production, lost profit or other indirect losses
caused by the agreement made between seller and buyer or the components sold.
11.4. The following curcumstances leads to lost liability for the seller, if they are causing the
cancellation of the agreement or making the fullfillment unreasonable difficult: Labour conflicts
and any conditions that the seller is not responsible for such as, but not limited to fire, war,
accidents, army related actions, legislation changes, currency restrictions, compounding, lack of
transport capacity, lack of raw material, delays from sub suppliers.

12. Returning

12.1. There is no right to return any goods delivered by the seller
12.2. If returned, only by prior written consent from the seller
12.3. In the cases where the buyer is entitled to cancel the agreement, or return the sold items to the
buyer for replacing or repairing, the original packing must be used, and shipping must be for the
buyers cost and risk. Any costs related to the returning that is paid by the seller, can be invoiced to
the buyer, and can be deducted from any claims that may have been raised from the buyer against
the seller. After completed repair or after replacement has been done, the buyer is obliged to pick up
the items at his own risk and cost.

13. Product liability

For product liability the Danish law apply. Unless firmly stated in the law, the seller can not be held
responsible for any indirect losses, loss of production or loss of profit.

14. Transport of rights and duties

The seller is at all times entitled to hand over the rights and duties, without any accept from the
buyer and without prior information.

15. Disagreement

Any disagreement that cannot be solved between the parties must be taken to the Danish Royal